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Like I said before, I made a side projects/cool stuff section of my website. Check it out- it has my first javascript game which is a simple addition game- called Fun Addition Game How many points did you score in 60 minutes? Post comments and lets see how high you can go! I was fairly impressed with my code because I had just learned javascript and html just three days ago and I seem to have gotten the hang of the basic stuff. Drop me a comment for improvements- always love to hear improvements! Also, I am planning on making an expanded version- with difficulty levels, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and crazy stuff that will make you never want to do math again. Also, for those who want to know good javascript/html tutorials, I used for their javascript tutorial and for their html tutorial. You should definitely check both out, they are really great and are a super crash course. In addition, just for some complicated javascript stuff, I got JavaScript Cookbook by Shelley Powers, published by O'Reilly. However, the book is not a neccessity, just useful for some references. I only got it yesterday but it seems chock-full of so called "recipes" and useful answers to some common programming questions with great explanations. I would give it a try if I were you.
Thanks for listening, play my Fun Addition Game and tell me how you liked it, and your high score!

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