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Need free code written for you? Need a math calculator with functions such as primeFactorization, the totient, fibonacci, GCD, factorial, and more.? Click one of the tabs above and mouse over to see free code you can use. Many of the functions have javascript implementations online, so you can calculate things without compiling java code, and all pages contain java code for your answers with comments and a detailed explanation. If your problem is not shown, click on the "Submit a Question" tab where I will post the answer to your programming question in java for free as well as an explanation. Array functions as well, and "Side Projects/Cool Stuff"- my section with cool code, and free backlinks for you if you submit your link. Contribute to the site by submitting code, and you will get up to 3 free backlinks! A Web Development section filled with useful articles to help you develop your website, a forums section to interact and ask questions, and finally a website blog- my personal tips, random thoughts, technologically inclined. Browse around! Check out the cartoon below, really funny:

Funny Programming Cartoon

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