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To get to the goodies: the old post I gave which had the code for the address bar alert trick can be shortened quite a lot. This is useful because it is especially effective on smartphones, where you cannot Ctrl-Alt-Delete or Force Quit, so your friend is forced to manually shut down and restart his/her smartphone. The new code: javascript:while(1)alert('haha'); and you can replace haha with your personal message. 1 is the boolean value for true, so you don't need 1==1, and the brackets are unecessary since alert is one line long.

Ok, so I have been doing pretty well on my website and after I finish my math functions completely along with the javascript calculators directly online, I will start publicizing my website, etc. I have put up forums for other people to build a community and answer each other's questions, as well as a "Submit a Question" that allows people to ask me questions directly to my email. I will put up an Arrays/Sorting tab directly afterwards, which will have popular sorts, such as bubblesort, quicksort, etc. and binary search, etc. After that, I will make an "ad hoc" or random popular java programs page, where popular things that don't really fall into any category go. This will include the popular Towers of Hanoi recursion and other things as well.

Lots of new things comming up, so stay tuned! Leave comments.

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