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As I've been working on my website, it has almost gotten to the point where I can start submitting it to search engines and the like to get more traffic. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the key to success in getting more visitors. Here is a list of ways you can "optimize" your site so it will get to the top of search engines for relevant searches.

1) Submit your Site!
First and foremost, giving your webiste link to search engines is an important first step.
Submit to Google:
Submit to Yahoo:
Submit to Bing:
These are three of the largest serach engines and your website should definitely be submitted to them. However, note that url submissions take notoriously long before getting indexed (put into Google's list of sites) and I will explain below how to speed up that process.

2) Create backlinks to your website!
A backlink is a link from another website back to yours. Backlinks are very important as they not only drive visitors directly to your site, but Google uses a "PageRank" for your site based on the amount of links you have which are important on determining where you are in their searches. Email another webmaster with a similiar site to yours, offering to exchange backlinks with them (you each post a link to each other's website). This is beneficial to both of you, increasing both websites' PageRank. In addition, joining a popular forum is useful too, becacuse by posting your website URL in your signature, you create a lot of backlinks which are quite often viewed. A good forum to start at are the Digital Point forums.

3) Submit a sitemap
Submitting sitemaps to popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo provide them with a digital map that allows them to crawl and index all pages of your site. It has a .xml extension, and can be created for free (just google free website sitemap maker).

4) Submitting to directories/Writing articles
Writing articles and submitting to directories help create valuable backlinks for your site. A popular free article submission site is, where you can submit articles for free and link to your site. Directories store useful sites into categories, and are greatly beneficial to your website's PageRank because they themselves have very high traffic. Getting into some directories such as DMoz is hard and can take very long, but it is worth submitting your site to.

5) Advertising
Another way to publicize your website is through advertising. Sign up through a program such as Google AdWords, where you pay for a certain number of clicks. AdWords is not that expensive, and can range anywhere within your budget, but if you choose to pay more, your ads will be seen more frequently and in better places. Most to almost all of the traffic is genuine, as Google efficiently places the ads during relevant searches for keywords relating to your site.

6) Site Descriptions/Keywords
It is important to write a site description as well as having relevant keywords in your site title/headings. Use concise keywords, but make it readable. For example, if a webpage is a javascript calculator, you could write "Math Javascript Calculator" which includes all important relevant keywords. Your headings should contain valuable keywords, as well as the site descriptions and <meta> tags. Google weighs these fairly heavily, so spend a lot of time maximizing these.

In website design, there is the motto "Content is King". This cannot be more true. Visitors are attracted to sites that contain a lot of useful information that is regularly updated. There is no way around this. Spend time and create useful content and you will see that your website traffic will gradually increase. Note that Search Engines favor heavily newly updated websites, so be sure to keep your content fresh. Also note that Search Engines read html the easiest, and give preference to these sites, so be sure to have a lot of html content or it might not rank to well (Java applets are cool, but don't make your site completely Java based). Finally, search engines seem to like blogs a lot, so maintaining a blog and posting a lot will help you get listed quickly.

All in all, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important for website owners and if done correctly can increase your traffic by 10 times. The best advice I can give you is to follow the seven rules and guidelines listed above, but pay particular attention to number 7: CONTENT. Keep adding content and sooner or later you will acheive the web traffic you want.

Happy website building! Leave comments below.

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