Professor Java
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I was messing with javascript and read online that you could write and execute javascript in the address bar. So i sat down and created a devious program. Copy and Paste into your friend's browser, and see the mayhem unfold! They will never be able to close the alert box that pops up and cannot do anything except Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
Paste this code:

javascript: var a=0;while(a<1){alert("haha");}

Very short code, but truly evil. Paste into the address bar (where you would type is and it will work.
Note: replace "haha" with your personalized message, but you still need the quotation marks or the code won't work.

I made an official Evil Buttton for my website, in my side projects/cool stuff part: evil button.

Anyways, have fun wrecking mayhem on the web and your friends with your new tool.
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6/6/2011 04:00:37 am

umm that is evil lol

9/29/2013 11:26:17 am

javascript: var a=0;while(a<1){alert('haha');}


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